Sun Books… an independent used bookstore

Both new and used English bookstores are easy to find in Bangkok. Last month I wrote a post about Dasa, an independent English bookstore that sells and buys second-hand books. Today I am going to recommend you another independent used bookstore named Sun Books.


Sun Books bookstore (the previous name is Elite used books) has two storeys. You can find both Japanese and English books here. About two third of the first floor are Japanese books and the rest are English books. The second floor is smaller and has only Japanese books. So, the majority of the book here is not English language books. And the sign in the shops are written in two languages which are Japanese and Thai. I was not surprised about this because the shop is located in the area that many Japanese people are living in.

Sunbooks02 Sunbooks03

Sun Books and Dasa bookstores are located in the same area, but on the different side of the road. You can plan to visit both shops in the same day.

Update: March, 2015

Location/ How to get there: Sun Books bookstore is located on the main road between Sukhumvit Soi 33 and Soi 35. You can go there by getting off the BTS Skytrain at Phrom Phong Station. Take exit 5. Then, walk around 5 minutes.

Opening Hours: Everyday from 9.30 to 19.30

Have you ever been to Sun Books Bookstore? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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