Sun Moon Lake… The largest lake in Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake and is one of the tourist attractions in Taiwan. This lake is located in Nantou County. From wiki, the name of the lake came from the shape of the lake that looks like the sun on the east side and the moon on the west side. The clear water with the mountains in the background draws both locals and international visitors. While I planned a trip to Taiwan, I decided to go and stay a night there.

From Taipei, I bought a bus ticket from the bus terminal near Taipei Train Station; the bus went directly from Taipei to Sun Moon Lake.


After getting off from the bus at Shueishe Visitors Center, I then took another bus to the hostel. SunMoonLake02

After checking-in, it was time to wander around. At Sun Moon Lake there were several choices to get around such as bus, car, bike, boat, and cable car. I decided to follow the walk trail seeing things around my hostel on the day that I arrived. It was quite foggy and cloudy, and what I did was just only watching sunset over the lake.

SunMoonLake03 SunMoonLake04 SunMoonLake05 SunMoonLake06

And I explored the lake by boat on the next day. There are 3 different wharfs around the lake: Shueishe, Itashao, Syuanguang. There are many things to see but, during exploring the area around, I felt blah because nothing made me feel “WOW!!”.  And I did not enjoy the place at all. SunMoonLake07 SunMoonLake08 SunMoonLake09

For me, Sun Moon Lake was just a big lake; the views and things around were not that attractive. The lake was not bad, but not a second visit. If you want to go there, my advice is spend at least a night. The view over the lake in early morning was the best!

Have you ever been to Sun Moon Lake? Do you like it there? Share your experiences with me in the comments!

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