Super Salaryman… A Thai Drama Comedy Movie

Super Salaryman is a Thai drama comedy movie that was released in 2012. The movie stars Jesadaporn Pholdee, Natchalai Sukamongkol, Jirapha Wongkosawan, Setthapong Piangpor, and Sakultala Tienpairoj.

Super Salaryman is about employees’ life in a company in Thailand. In order to get year-end bonus, which is something that everyone is waiting for, they are pushed to make an important and big project within 3 months. The project is led by Pan, a hard-working and well-organized director who is looking for secure future. Pan and his team have to work hard because of the tight deadline. At the same time, Pan also has to deal with Waai, his new secretary who has an artist’s mind and comes to work here for just a short period of time. However, Pan cannot fire her because she is a daughter of his boss’s friend.

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Everyone has a challenge in his/her working life. Nan is an experienced employee whose current salary has reached the ceiling, so to earn more she needs to either study further or move to other company. Jeu is a young trainee who lies to his mother in upcountry that he has a really great job, but actually it does not. Nuon is a secretary who is suffering from a lazy big boss, has to work late hours, and endures the long commute. Chai is an employee who tries to help saving energy for the office by making sure that the lights and computers are turned off and keeping his eyes on the housekeeper, who always uses the office facilities for her personal stuff; he has been waiting for human resource manager position.

For me, as a person who worked in companies before, the movie maker team did a really great job to show us the realistic employee’s life in the cooperate world. Every character can be seen in the real life. The movie is much beyond my expectation. The drama scenes and the funny scenes are perfectly mixed. It is an enjoyable and fruitful movie which is worth the watch especially for a university student who is about to start working and a young employee; you will see and understand the real challenges that is happening in the cooperate world nowadays and can prepare yourself for your future. Highly recommended!

Here is a trailer with English subtitle. Enjoy watching!

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