Supermarket Chains in Bangkok

If you are about to visit or move to Bangkok and want to know about supermarkets in Bangkok, you have come to the right place. There are several supermarket chains around Bangkok. Some of them sell quality products, while some of them sell not so good but cheap products. Here are the supermarket chains that have several branches in town and you have more chance to see them.


Gourmet Market – This is my favorite supermarket chain in Bangkok because of its quality products. You can expect to see premium local products here. Fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables can be found here. International foods and ingredients are available here.

Gourmet Market is a supermarket chain under ‘The Mall Group’. Currently it has 5 branches in Bangkok. I usually go to the ones that are located in the shopping malls which are Siam Paragon branch, The Emporium branch, and Terminal21 branch.

Tops Supermarket– Tops Supermarket also sells quality products. It is a supermarket chain under ‘Central Retail Corporation’, so you can expect to see this supermarket chain in any branches of Central Shopping Mall. I also buy products at this supermarket because I love its discount offers.

Villa Supermarket – this supermarket chain also sell quality products, but its branches are not located in the shopping mall. So, I rarely buy the products here. You can find some international products that are rarely seen in other supermarket chains. This chain is quite popular for foreigners or expats.

Tesco Lotus – Tesco Lotus is a budget supermarket chain. It has a wide range of products and you can expect to buy cheap products here. But sometimes the fruits and vegetables are not that fresh here. You can find its branches all over Bangkok and other provinces.

Big C – Big C is also a budget supermarket chain. Big C and Tesco Lotus are quite similar. Both of them sell cheap products and have several branches in Bangkok and other provinces.

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