Sydney Opera House and I

When I travel, normally I have only a photo or two of me with the landmark of the place I visit. But while I looked for photos in my archives, I then realized that I had countless photo of me with Sydney Opera House! I love its architectural design and its site (which was an island before). It is my favorite landmark so far.

On the very first days in Sydney, my friend and I went to the opera house. We observed it very close and took photos with it. And this is what we got.


Many tourists were there and we could not have the whole opera house in a photo. We then realized that we were too close to it. Then, on the next day we took photos from a little far distance. And this is what we got. Better! Isn’t it?


Then a lot more photos came.


Sydney Opera House and I photos while I took ferry to Manly beach


Sydney Opera House and I photos at night


Sydney Opera House and I photos from the bridge


I could not believe that I have so many photos of me with the opera house. These photos reminded me of my days there. Hope I have a chance to go to Sydney again!

Have you ever been to Sydney? Do you like the opera house there? Share your experiences with me in the comments!

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