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Photo Story: Wall Art

Photo Name: Wall Art When: December, 2011 Where: Cannes, France Story behind: Cannes was one of the cities in Europe that was nice to walk around. I am sure that you would definitely come across several wall art while wandering. I did love the city’s wall art. I stumbled upon and took this photo while walking on the

Photo Story: I was in jail

Photo Name: I was in jail When: December, 2011 Where: Marseille, France Story behind: This photo was taken at Château d’If, the former fortress and prison which is located on the island and is now open to the public. It is one of the many places in the world that became popular because of the

Nice… it is a nice city

Nice is a big city in French Riviera. The name of the city is pronounced like the word “niece” in English, and the city itself is nice like the meaning of word “nice” in English. My friends and I stayed in Nice for four nights, but spent two days in Cannes and Monaco respectively. We

Cannes… I walked on the red carpet

After spending 2 days in Marseille, we went to Nice and stayed overnight there. The plan on the next day was not to travel in Nice, but to travel in Cannes first. We also planned to visit St Marguerite Island, where “the man in the iron mask” was imprisoned, too. We started the day in

Marseille… a New Year’s getaway

This trip happened because my friends and I wanted to go somewhere during Christmas holiday when I studied in Bolzano, Italy in 2011. It was my first Christmas and New Year in Europe and I wanted to make it worth my time. Most European friends came back to their home towns, but, instead of going

Monaco… a small but stunning country

From a cute village named Eze, we took the bus to Monaco. Frankly, at first I thought Monaco was a city in France. And I realized later that it was a country that surrounded by France. We arrived Monaco in the afternoon and got lost in this small country. Well, walking pass several buildings which

Eze… what a cute village

Christmas is a long holiday in Europe. Dec 2011 was my first Christmas in Europe. At first I did not know where to go during the festival. Then, one of my friends told me that she found the cheap air ticket from Milan to Marseille. 12 Euros, was it cheap? Of course, it was even cheaper