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A visit to Shirakawago

My mom and I have been to Osaka and Kyoto on May 2018, and Shirakawago was included in our itinerary. I had seen the photos of this historic village for several times on the internet. Many of them were taken during winter, while some of them were taken during spring. For me, the farmhouses were really charming.

A visit to Takayama, Gifu

On May 2018, my mom and I have been to Osaka, Japan. It was a 5 days and 4 nights trip, and Takayama,a mountain city in Gifu Prefecture, was included in the trip. We did not go there by ourselves, but we bought a package tour. When choosing a package, I intended to choose the one

5 days 4 nights in Osaka and Kyoto

Japan is one of the dream destinations for many people including me. I have been reading and watching Japanese cartoon since I was young and I do love Japanese food and products.In the past, for Thais, we needed to apply for visa when going to Japan. Well, few years ago the rule has been changed.