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Photo Story: Water Closet

Photo Name: Water Closet When: September, 2011 Where: Milan, Italy Story behind: This photo was taken in Italy train that I took from Milano Malpensa airport to Milano Centrale railway station. It was my first arrival to Italy and also to Europe. I was curious what WC was and what WC stood for. I saw people went in

Photo Story: more-than-24-hour journey

Photo Name: more-than-24-hour journey When: September, 2011 Where: Milan, Italy Story behind: Last 3 years, I flew from Bangkok to Milan, and my destination was Bolzano, a city in northern Italy. From Milan Malpensa Airport, I took a train to Milan Centrale Railway Station. It was my first time flying to Europe, so I was excited with

Photo Story: School Shoes

Photo Name: School Shoes When: September, 2011 Where: Milan, Italy Story behind: Do you know Bata? I bet all Thai students know it. For me, Bata is a school shoe brand which is very popular in Thailand. If I am not wrong, during 13 years in school I wore Bata only. I still remember the days that

Photo Story: Love is all around

Photo Name: Love is all around When: June, 2012 Where: Milan, Italy Story behind: This photo was taken near Milan Central Station. I stumbled upon this graffiti, while I look for a street that would lead me to a hostel. I know that even if some people think graffiti is art, there are many people

Lake Como… Just an hour from Milan

Lake Como is the third largest lake which is located in northern Italy. There are beautiful villas around the lake, so unsurprisingly it is one of the tourist attraction places in Italy. During my summer trip in Italy, I decided to make a day trip visiting the lake and 2 villas around. Villa Varenna It took me only