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Photo Story: Fake Window

Photo Name: Fake Window When: June, 2012 Where: Siena, Italy Story behind: While wandering in Siena, I walked pass these windows. Oops…No, I walked pass this window. There was only one window (the right one); the other was the painting one which was very similar to the real one. And, I did not see something like this in

Photo Story: Short Train

Photo Name: Short Train When: June, 2012 Where: Siena, Italy Story behind: How do you travel in Italy? For me, of course, by train. I lived in Bolzano, a city in northern Italy for almost one year. During my stay, I mostly traveled in Italy by train. The first trip was a day trip to Verona. Then,

Siena… A medieval city in Tuscany

From Pisa, instead of going directly to Florence, the tourist destination, I stopped at Siena. For me, Siena is less famous than Florence and Pisa, but I had heard that this city was also worth visiting. I took this train from Pisa to Siena. It was the shortest train I had seen in Italy. At