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A day trip to Karlshamn

As I told you in this post that my university in Sweden had three campuses: Karlskrona, Karlshamn, and Ronneby. I studied and lived in Karlskrona, and I could take a train from Karlskrona to the other two cities for free. Ronneby is a perfect choice when I wanted to escape from Karlskrona because it was

A sunny day in Växjö

Växjö is a city in southern Sweden. While living in Karlskrona, I have been to this city twice because this city is a place of Migration Board Permit Unit nearest me. The first time I went there was to apply for the resident permit and the second time was to extend it. From Karlskrona, there was

Photo Story: Love Lock

Photo Name: Love Lock When: April, 2013 Where: Karlskrona, Sweden  Story behind: Have you ever seen love lock? Couples wrote their names on the locks, attach them to the tree or the fence, and toss their keys to symbolize unbreakable love. I first saw the love lock at N Seoul Tower in South Korea. I then saw