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Sing Thai Songs in Sydney

The area called “Chinatown” exists around the world. I have seen Chinatown area in many cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Amsterdam, and of course Bangkok. What you can expect from Chinatown is Asian restaurants and Asian shops where you could buy ingredients to cook Asian foods. Sydney surprised me with “Thaitown”. We could eat

Photo Story: When four girls lived together

Photo Name: When four girls lived together When: September, 2008 Where: Sydney, Australia Story behind: This photo was taken in a shared bathroom in an apartment that I lived in Sydney for a month. At that time, I lived with other four Thai girls and we did not share only bathroom, but also bedroom. Actually

Sydney Opera House and I

When I travel, normally I have only a photo or two of me with the landmark of the place I visit. But while I looked for photos in my archives, I then realized that I had countless photo of me with Sydney Opera House! I love its architectural design and its site (which was an island

Blue Mountains and Three Sisters

From Featherdale Wildlife Park, we headed to the Blue Mountains National Park, a mountain range area in New South Wales, Australia. It is about 70 miles west of Sydney. The most famous site was, of course, the Three Sisters. These rock towers were formed by natural erosion of sandstone. They have their names (from left