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Photo Story: A unique city

Photo Name: A Unique City When: July, 2012 Where: Venice, Italy Story behind: I do not know when and how Venice has become the city that I want to visit. I guess it is because of the romantic movies and the novels set in Venice. And also the beautiful photos of the boats in the canals. Venice is

Photo Story: Clothesline above the canal

Photo Name: Clothesline above the canal When: October, 2011 Where: Venice, Italy Story behind: Before living abroad, I never thought of the way to dry clothes. After living in 4 countries over 3 continents, I noticed that drying clothes is a cultural thing; people in each country have their own ways to dry their clothes. I think it

Photo Story: Venicebook

Photo Name: Venicebook When: September, 2011 Where: Venice, Italy Story behind: Who does not know Facebook?  Who does not have a Facebook account? I know there are some, but maybe not too many because Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. But, how about Venicebook? The “Venicebook” is about another story. It

Venice…I forgot to make a wish

Living in Italy for 11 months, Venice (or Venezia in Italian) is one of the cities that I visited twice. First time is October 2011 and second time is July 2012. Like other tourists, before I went there, I had watched several movies and read many novels set in Venice. Venice at first sight, after getting