Taipei… My first time staying in a hostel

How was your first experience staying in a hostel? Good? Fun? Enjoy? Impressed?

Mine was a bit weird in the beginning. Then, it was great!

Staying at EV’s family hostel in Taipei was my first time staying in a hostel. I booked this hostel via website, but in order to make sure that everything would be ok I sent an email to Eason, the hostel owner telling him the time I would arrive.

I arrived Taipei in the late evening. It took me for a while from airport to the hostel. When I was about to ring the door bell, someone was going in. So, I just followed him. And he disappeared into his room.

I did not see a receptionist. I saw only an Asian girl watching TV in the living room, so I asked her how to check-in. She told me that Susan was in charge of this hostel and she was outside.

Who was Susan? When would she be back? It was 10 pm. I was confused and a little bit nervous. Seemed like no one knew that I arrived!

While I was waiting for Susan, I talked to the Asian girl. Her name was Tamoko. She was from Japan. She had been studying Chinese language there for 3 months.

Fifteen minutes passed. I was nervous more!! Tamoko told me that Susan usually did not go out in the evening.

I started thinking…what if Susan did not come back? Where would I stay tonight? Thinking of finding hostel at night made me nervous even more!!!

In order to stop my imagination, finally I decided to call Eason. He picked up the call and told me that he thought I would arrive tomorrow. I suddenly worried about my stay that night. 

Then my worried fade because he made a sincere apology and asked me to find an available bed myself. He told me that I could check in later.

Phew… everything was still ok!

Weird? For me, yes. Especially after I traveled more I think it is weird . Except this hostel, all other hostels I had to check in which means pay the rental first.

Except the check-in process that made me both nervous and excited, I would say I impressed this hostel.

At that time it was my first experience staying in a hostel, so I could not compare this hostel to the others. Now I have a lot more experience (I stayed at hostels in New Zealand and many countries in Europe), I could say that this hostel is the best one.

–          It was clean. Susan always cleaned the bathroom. After staying there more than a week, I was not surprised why Tamoko rent this place for a long period. It is a lot cleaner than other hostels that I have stayed.

–          Location was great. Near the subway.

–          Cozy atmosphere. Like staying at a relative’s home.

–          Staff was nice and very helpful. (I mean Susan. She was the only staff when I stayed there)

TaiwanHostel01 TaiwanHostel02

Have you ever stay in a hostel? How is your first experience staying in a hostel? Share you experience with me in the comments!


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