Tallinn… a capital city of Estonia

I do not like traveling in capital cities or big cities, but Tallinn is an exception. Actually all capital cities in the Baltic state countries which are Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius are exceptions.

Tallinn is a capital city of Estonia. I took the ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn and it took me for a while to walk from port to the hostel. While walking to the hostel, I saw the wedding shop. It was the first wedding shop I had seen in Europe (I spent almost 2 years there at that time). You can see more than 10 wedding shops on a street in my city, Bangkok, but I was a little bit surprised to see this kind of shop here.


After checking in at the hostel, the receptionist gave me a map and told me that I could join the free walking tour which was going to start in the next one hour. At first, I thought in the next two hours, but there is one hour time difference between Stockholm and Tallinn.

So, I rushed to the city old town in order to join the tour. Along the way, I got lost and asked the elder people around. Surprised!!! They spoke English fluently. From my experience, people in Scandinavian countries and Baltic state countries speak English very well. I really want to know how they learn English or new languages.

The free walking tour was organized by students. It was completely free, but it was a customary to tip the guide. Nowadays I have heard that many cities in Europe organizing the free walking tour. I think it is good to join the tour because it is a good way to learn its history and its people.

I could not believe that this is a capital city because the city was not packed with tourist.


You will definitely see the defense towers while you are walking in this city because there are 66 towers in this city!


The most eye catching building for me was Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. This church is an orthodox cathedral which was built in Russian Style.


I like the color of the buildings around.


The shops and artistic sign shops were cute!


And these are the city views from Toompea Hill. The views that made me want to visit Tallinn.

 Tallinn07 Tallinn08

Then, we climbed down heading to Town Hall Square. The white building that you see in the photos is Stenbock House, the official seat of the Government of Estonia.

 Tallinn09 Tallinn10

Then, I walked on the street around the square.

Tallinn11 Tallinn12

All in all, I was impressed with this city; it is worth visiting. And if you are in Helsinki, Finland, you could make it as a day trip; it takes only 2-3 hours by ferry.

Have you ever been to Tallinn? Or Estonia? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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