Tarutao National Marine Park… Go further south

When we are talking about the best sea or island in Thailand? People would think of the islands along the coast of southern Thailand in Andaman Sea, and Krabi and Phuket would be the first two provinces that come to mind. But if you go further south, there are many beautiful islands with less tourist waiting for you.

Yes, I am talking about Tarutao National Marine Park in Satun province. This national park is also located in Andaman Sea. The big and famous islands are Koh Tarutao, Koh Adang, Koh Rawi, and Koh Lipe (the last one is much smaller than the others). This place is not only famous for the beautiful beach, but also famous for snorkeling and diving. There are many diving sites with colorful coral reefs and marine life there that fascinated me.

 Tarutao01 Tarutao02

Besides, the small island around there like Koh Kai is also worth visiting. Kai literally means egg. This island is named “Kai” because of the eggshell color of the sand beach and also it is a site for turtles to lay eggs. The landmark of this island is the natural stone arch. It is believe that if a couple walk pass the arch together, their love will be forever.

 Tarutao03 Tarutao04 Tarutao05 Tarutao06

The strangest island around there is Koh Hin Ngam because this island has no white sand beach like the other islands. But this island is full with beautiful stones. Don’t be surprised if you see many piles of stones. We believe that if we can stack 12 stones, our wishes will come true.

 Tarutao07 Tarutao08

Are these stones beautiful? Wanna bring them back? Wait…and read this first! The curse!! At that time the curse was written in 2 languages: English and Thai, but I have heard that now the Chinese language is available.


I am sure after reading it, you would not want them anymore…haha

For some small islands such as Koh Kai, the island is a little bit difficult to access. If you want to visit both main islands and small islands, I recommend you to buy a package. When I traveled there, I bought an all in one package including accommodations, meals, transportations, and snorkeling and visited all main islands and also small islands.

Have you ever been to Tarutao National Marine Park? Do you think they are worth visiting? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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