Taxi fare in Bangkok, Thailand in 2015

Nowadays to avoid traffic jams, you can use BTS Skytrain, MRT Subway together with Chaophraya Express Boat to visit most of the tourist attraction places in Bangkok. However, for some places in Bangkok, you still need to take a bus or a taxi.

Taxi fare in Bangkok is cheap. It is much cheaper than taxi fare in other cities that I have been to and used their taxis such as Singapore and Malaysia. December 2014, Taxi fare in Bangkok area went up, but it is still cheap. Let’s see how cheap it is.


The starting taxi fare

The starting taxi fare is still the same as it was 10 years ago. The taxi fare in Bangkok starts at 35 baht for the first kilometers. It is a minimum amount that you have to pay when using taxis for 0-1 kilometers.

The new rate will be applied for the next kilometers

Then, the fare increases depending on the distance you travel, and the time that taxi is caught in a traffic jam. Each kilometer is charged at 5.50 baht for 1st – 10th kilometers, 6.5 baht for 10th -20th kilometers, 7.5 baht for 20th -40th kilometers, 8 baht for 40th -60th kilometers, 9 baht for 60th -80th kilometers, and 10.50 baht for above 80 kilometers. And, when taxi is standing still or move at less than 6 kilometers per hour, you have to pay 2 baht per minute.

A surcharge

You have to pay more 20 baht when calling taxi from a call center, and 50 baht when calling taxi at a designated area at Don Mueang Airport or Suvarnabhumi Airport.

See? The fare is relatively cheap comparing to other countries. But, the fare of other transportation modes in Bangkok is a lot cheaper. If you are a budget traveler, to save money try not to take taxi. Enjoy travelling!


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