Terminal21…I like restrooms in this shopping mall

Terminal21 is a new shopping mall opening in October 2011. This mall has 9 stories and each floor is decorated in different theme.

Terminal01 Terminal02 Terminal03

The theme concept is based on the well-known places in the world such as Heaven of Rome (G Floor), Oxford Street of London (2nd floor), and Istanbul Market Town (3rd floor). There are both brand name shops and local shops. You can check the store directory hereWhile you walk in this shopping mall, you will always see people taking photos with the sculptures.

Terminal12 Terminal04 Terminal05 Terminal06 Terminal07 Terminal08 Terminal09 Terminal10 Terminal11

What surprised me was the decoration which was not done only in the shopping area, but also in the restrooms!!! Here is how they decorate the toilets.

Terminal16 Terminal13 Terminal14 Terminal15 

What I like here is not only the decoration, but also the food court because there are several kinds of foods and, most important, they are cheap comparing to other food courts in shopping malls. For the taste, from my experience, the foods there were delicious. But, of course, I didn’t try the food from all stalls. Anyway, since it’s cheap and delicious, it’s very difficult to find a seat especially during peak hours. 


At this food court I always order Ice Cream Yod Se or Thai hottest ice cream as a dessert. Thing that makes the ice cream special is not the ice cream itself but the receptacle. The ice cream will be served in a hot pot with dry ice inside. There are so many flavors to choose from. Some flavors might new for you such as Vodka Red bull, Yakult Pepo, and Milk Tea. Don’t worry about how to order because there are 3 languages on the menu: Thai, English, and Chiness (I guess). It cost us only 86 baht. Give it a try; I think you might like it.

Terminal18 Terminal19

Update: January, 2014

Location: Terminal21 is located at Asoke Intersection. The easiest way to go there is either get off the skytrain (BTS) at Asoke station and take exit 1 or get off the subway (MRT) at Sukhumvit station and take exit 3.

Opening Hours: Everyday from 10:00 to 22:00

Have you ever been to Terminal21? Do you like how they decorate the malls? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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