Tha Phra Chan Market… a well-known amulet market

Tha Phra Chan Market is a well-known amulet market in Bangkok. Along the way, you will walk pass many amulet shops and stalls. Some amulets are cheap (you can buy them as souvenirs), while some has high prices. This market is not a big market; it took me only an hour to walk around. Don’t be surprised if you see many students around since this market is located near Thammasat University.

 ThaPhraChan02 ThaPhraChan03 ThaPhraChan01

Besides, there are also cloth and food stalls around. It is another place that you can try Thai street foods. Things are not expensive because the major customers are university students. Anyway, if you aim to buy clothes, I would recommend you Wang Lang market, which is located just across the river, since it has more shops for clothes and accessories.

ThaPhraChan04 ThaPhraChan05 ThaPhraChan06 ThaPhraChan07

But if you are interested in amulet, you should visit this market. It would be good to go with expert, if you consider buying an authentic one.

If you go there, I recommend you to visit Tha Maharaj, a new chill out place which is just a few minutes walk from Tha Phra Chan, too. You can also find an amulet room over there too.

For me, I prefer to walk there in the late afternoon because it is very hot during the day. However, don’t go there too late because most amulet stalls are closed around 5pm.

Update: February, 2014

Location:  Tha Phra Chan (The pier itself is now closed for renovation). Get off the skytrain (BTS) at Saphan Taksin station. Take Chao Phraya Express Boat to Tha Mahathat (This pier was built to replace Tha Phra Chan and it is near to Tha Phra Chan)

Opening Hours: Everyday

Have you ever been to Tha Phra Chan Market? Did you enjoy shopping there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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