Thai desserts, Part 2

This is the second part of the post. I will continue with four more Thai desserts that you should try when you visit Thailand. All these desserts you can find them on street. You can start reading the Thai desserts post from the beginning from here.

Thai Coconut Milk Pudding- Khanom Tuay – ขนมถ้วย

Actually the full name of this dessert is Khanom Tuay Talai which literally means “dessert in a small cup” (Khanom means dessert). This dessert has two layers. The base layer has green color (from pandan juice), while the top layer has white color (from coconut milk). This dessert tastes sweet and salty at the same time.


Rice Flour Strings in Coconut Cream – Pla Gim Kai Tao – ปลากริมไข่เต่า

Pla Gim Kai Tao is made of rice flour flour and coconut milk. As you can see from the photo, this dessert has two colors. The brown one gives sweet taste, while the white one gives salty taste. So, this dessert also tastes sweet and salty at the same time. Even if I do not like Thai desserts much, I like this one. Unfortunately, compared to other Thai desserts, Pla Gim Kai Tao is quite difficult to find on the street. So, if you found it, give it a try.


Coconut Milk over Gelatin Dessert – Khanom Wun Kati – ขนมวุ้นกะทิ

Same as Khanom Tuay, Khanom Wun Kati also has two layers with green color for the base layer (from pandanus leaf-scented) and white color for the top layer (from coconut cream). But the base layer of Khanom Wun Kati is gelatin. Nowadays you might find Khanom Wun Kati that the base layer has various colors such as brown (coffee-scented) and purple (Butterfly pea-scented). Besides, you might find Khanom Wun Kati with more than two layers (like photo below).


Pandan Layered Dessert – Khanom Chan – ขนมชั้น

This dessert was named Chan because Chan means layer in Thai. And you can see from the photo that this dessert has many layers. Khanom Chan has soft, smooth and sticky texture. It tastes sweet and oily. The green one is the original version. Same as Khanom Wun Kati, nowadays you can find this dessert in various colors. You can either eat the whole piece together or peel and eat each layer at a time.

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Have you ever tried these desserts? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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