Thai desserts, Part 4

This is the fourth part of the post. I will continue with four more Thai desserts that you should try when you visit Thailand. All of them are ice-cream. Yes, we have several types of ice cream. You can start reading the Thai desserts post from the beginning from here.

Thai ancient ice-cream – ไอติมโบราณ หรือไอติมตัด

Thai ancient ice-cream or is called “ice cream boran” by local is an ice-cream in the form of a small rectangular bar. Nowadays several flavors such as strawberry, orange, mango, coffee, chocolate, milk tea and so on are available to from. This type of ice-cream is more difficult to see than other types on a street. If you come to Bangkok, the place that you can try this ice-cream for sure is at Chatuchak weekend market.


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Thai ice-cream in the steel bucket – ไอติมถัง หรือไอติมหลอด

This type of ice-cream is made from soft drink. Same as Thai ancient ice-cream, this ice-cream is rarely found on the streets nowadays, but you can see it in Chatuchak weekend market.

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 Thai Coconut milk ice-cream – ไอติมกะทิ

Thai coconut milk ice-cream is a Thai ice-cream that you can easily find it on street. Some vendors give you choices; you can choose to put ice-cream in a cone, plastic cup or bread, and then you can choose the toppings that you want such as roasted peanuts, red beans, corn kernels, and coconut sticky rice.

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Thai hottest ice-cream – ไอติมหม้อไฟ

Thai hottest ice-cream or Ice Cream Yod Se is quite popular among locals. This ice-cream looks special because of its receptacle. The ice-cream is served in a hot pot with dry ice inside. You can find this ice-cream at the food court at Terminal21 shopping mall.ThaiHottestIceCream


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Have you ever tried these ice creams? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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