Thai festivals: Chinese New Year

Same as Christmas, Chinese New Year or Lunar New year is not a public holiday in Thailand, but we celebrate. Well, to clarify, the word “we” does not mean all Thai people, but only Thai-Chinese. It is the first day of the New Year in Chinese calendar which is usually in January or February.

The days before the Chinese New Year’s Eve, we buy the sacrifices such as foods, fruits, and desserts (We have to buy before the shops are closed. Many Chinese-shops are closed during the festival starting from the Chinese New Year’s Eve) and clean our homes. Then, on the Chinese New Year’s Eve we worship our ancestors at our homes. It is a family reunion day. And on the Chinese New Year, we will wear red shirts and visit our relatives and friends. We usually offer oranges to them. During this festival we will see many things in red.

When I was young, Chinese New Year was my favorite festival because I always got red envelopes (with money inside) from parents and elders. But when I grow up and work, it is time for me to give them back. So, now it is not my favorite festival anymore 🙁

China town or Yaowarat is always the place that has the biggest celebration in Bangkok. At the festival you will have a chance to see firecrackers, street fanfares, lion dance performances and dragon dance performances.

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If you are in Bangkok during the festival time, do your best to join the festival!

Have you ever experienced Chinese New Year in Thailand? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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