Thai festivals: Christmas and New Year

I studied in Europe for two years (in Italy one year and in Sweden one year). Both years I was quite lonely on the second half of December. School was off for at least two weeks and many friends went back to their hometowns.

I heard from my European friends that Christmas is the day to celebrate with family and New Year is the day to celebrate with friends. It seems like these festivals are more important for them than me. It looks like it is a period that people spend time with their families (family reunions time). One of my friends felt very sad that he could not celebrate Christmas with his family, while I felt nothing.NewYear01

In Thailand, Christmas is not a public holiday. It is just another working day here, but we make it as another occasion to have some fun and party too. New Year’s Eve and New Year are public holidays, but we still do not have long holidays like 2 or 3 weeks here; we could have only 1 week most.

However, I love this month in Thailand. Even if, like I said, there is no long holiday here, for me I still feel like it is a holiday month; the weather is not too hot and the streets are beautiful. One thing that Many Thai people including me love to do is walking and taking photos on the streets.NewYear02 NewYear03 NewYear04 NewYear05

I think the Christmas decoration in Bangkok is not to be defeated by anyone. If you come to Bangkok during this month, I do recommend you to walk around the city at night to see Christmas lights. My favorite areas are Rachaprasong and Ratchadamri. You will see the beautiful decorations in front of the hotels and shopping malls around those areas. Central World is claimed to be the best place for Christmas lights in Bangkok, while Siam Paragon is the second best.

PS. You can see the Christmas lights in Bangkok in 2015 in this post.

Have you ever experienced Christmas and New Year in Thailand? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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