Thai festivals: Thai New Year or Songkran

Have you ever heard of Songkran festival? Have you ever heard of traditional Thai New year? In Thailand, we celebrate New Year 3 times each year. The first New Year is the first day of the year on calendar this is widely used around the world. The second New Year is the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year and the third New Year is traditional Thai New Year which is called Songkran.

We celebrate Songkran from 13 to 15 April. These days are public holidays in Thailand. It is the period that Thai people will go back to their hometown to meet their families and relatives. During this festival, on the night before the long holidays there are streams of traffic going out of Bangkok because many working people go back to their hometowns, and on the last day of the long holidays there are streams of traffic coming back to Bangkok because they go back to work.

How we celebrate Thai New Year? Thai New Year festival is very popular among tourists because of the way we celebrate; we splash water to each other. That is why people call this that Thailand water festival. Throwing of water is a symbol of washing away the bad things from previous year and beginning the New Year with a fresh start. During these 3 days, people will splash water almost everywhere in the country. In Bangkok, Khao San Road is the most popular place for this festival.

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Besides, we also have ‘Rot Nam Dam Hua’ tradition which is the way that young people pay respect to their elders or ask for forgiveness.

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The festival starts officially from 13 April and runs for 3 days (or probably longer for some places). If you plan to go to Thailand and want to join Songkran festival, you have to come here during these days. And be prepare because April is the hottest month in Thailand!

Have you ever experienced a Songkran festival in Thailand? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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