Thai foods, Part 2

Thai food that I am going to recommend you today is called Khanom chin. It is a type of noodle that made from rice. In Thai, Khanom means desserts and Chin means China. Frankly, I do not know why it was named like this; I guess maybe this kind of noodle originated from Chinese people.


Khanom chin is used as a staple food in many Thai dishes. It usually served with sauce or curry. Sometimes, we replace stricky rice with Khanom chin when eating Som Tum or Thai salad. Sometimes, instead of eating kang keaw wan (green curry) with rice, we eat it with Khanom chin.

Khanom chin could easily be found on street corners in Thailand.  Normally there are several sauces or curries available in a restaurant.  Some sauces or curries are common; you could find them in every part of Thailand, while some of them could be found from certain areas only.

KhanomChin02 KhanomChin03

If you eat at restaurants, you will usually see vegetable such as bean sprouts, chopped lettuce, chopped cucumber, and chopped green beans in a plate on the table. We usually add them on top of the sauce or curry before eating.

 KhanomChin04 KhanomChin05

Some restaurants sell Khanom chin with sauces only, while some might sell them with the other Thai dishes. If you see them, do not forget to give it a try.

Have you ever been to Thailand? Have you ever tried Khanom Chin? Which sauce or curry is your favorite one? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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