Thai foods, Part 3

If you are familiar with Southeast-Asian food, I am sure you know the food that I am going to recommend you in this post. The food is named satay. In case that you are unfamiliar with Asian food, satay is a skewered and grilled meat dish. The meat that is used for satay could be chicken, beef, pork, rabbit, or other meats. This dish is popular throughout Southeast-Asia. I tried the Malaysian version once; they used several meats and I loved the rabbit one the most and it was my best satay ever! Satay is one of the dishes that I have seen in many Thai restaurants abroad such as in Australia. For me, it is one of the must-try foods when visiting Southeast-Asia.

Well, let’s get to know satay in Thai version. In Thailand, satay normally uses pork and we call it Moo Satay (In Thai, Moo means pork). The pork is sliced and skewered onto the sticks. Then, they were grilled over charcoal fire.


In Thailand, satay is typically served with 2 dipping sauces: fresh peanut sauce and Achat (sliced cucumber mix with sliced red onions). Besides, some restaurants or stalls serve satay together with grilled white bread.

Have you ever been to Thailand or other Southeast-Asia countries? Have you ever tried satay? Or have you ever tried satay in Thai restaurants in your country? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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