Thai Massage Prices in Bangkok

Thai Massage is well-known for many benefits. Many visitors plan to have a Thai massage at least once while visiting Thailand. In Bangkok, the massage shops can be easily found. I always found them on the street when walking from one place to another. 

I walked and took photos of the Thai massage shops near my home to show you the Thai massage price list in Bangkok. Usually the massage prices for the shops on street are not different. But, of course, in the hotel, you can expect to pay higher. 

Let’s see the first shop. You will see that they have 3 types of massage. It costs 200 baht for General Massage, 200 baht for Foot Massage, and 400 baht for Aroma Massage.

In some areas, it is like a massage zone where you can see several massage shops next to each other. The photo below shows 3 massage shops next to each other. Let see their massage prices.

For the first shop, you will see that they have not only massage, but also spa and body scrub. Herbal Body Scrub costs 400 baht. Apricot Body Scrub costs 500 baht. Rose Body Skin Scrub costs 500 baht. Hand Spa costs 350 baht. Foot Spa costs 550 baht.

Let’s see the massage price. Foot Massage costs 200 baht. Neck and Shoulder Massage with Herbal costs 250 baht. Thai Massage with Herbal costs 250 baht. Coconut oil Massage costs 350 baht.

The prices of all massage types are about the same for the second shop and the third shop.

Usually the price is for one hour and the massage prices are about 200-500 baht depending on the massage type. Well, for some people, one hour is not enough, so they buy two hours.

If you have no idea for the massage shops and want to try, you might choose one of these three shops. They are located at Sukhumvit 79; you can visit the shop by taking BTS and get off at Onnut Station. Then, take exit 1 and walk back for 2-3 minutes.

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