Thai snacks I recommend you to try

I guess everyone love eating snacks, and snacks that you usually found in supermarkets in each country are different. You see some brands in one country, and cannot see them in another country. Here is a list of snacks that I recommend you to try and you can buy them in supermarkets/ convenient stores/ mom-and-pop shops all over Thailand.

1. Lay’s: a chipsy snack that is sold around the world. You might have already tried it, but there are several flavors selling only in Thailand such as hot chili squid, spicy Nori seaweed, sweet basil, and more! And many flavors does not have label in English; maybe because they are so Thai!


2. Hanami: This one is my favorite snack ever. I have eaten it since I was young. Hanami prawn crackers also have several flavors such as shrimp curry, hot chili, Nori seaweed, seafood with chili paste, and so on. I have not tried all the flavors yet because I always eat the original flavor which is so delicious!


3. Taro: Taro snack is a fish-based snack. It does not make my hand dirty while eating, so I love eating this snack when working with my computer or reading the book because  BBQ&Kimchi is my favorite flavor. I recommend you to try.


4. Pocky: a popular snack from Japan. You can usually find this snack in Asian countries. Pocky biscuit sticks also have several flavors; chocolate and strawberry flavors are easy to find in the supermarkets.


5. Pipo: This one is the most famous jelly snack in Thailand. There are several flavors in a package. I recommend you to put it in the fridge before eating it.


Have you ever tried these Thai snacks? Do you like them? Share your thought with me in the comment!


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