Thailand’s Helpline and Hotline numbers

Before visiting a country, it is good to know the hotline numbers of that country. So if you encounter a problem, you can find someone to help you promptly.

Last month, The Royal Thai Government has just launched a new helpline number, 1111 for tourists or foreigners who need help while they are in Thailand. Easy to remember, isn’t it?

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The 1111 new helpline number is aimed to receive complaints from foreigners while they are in Thailand for non-emergency cases. Currently there are English, Chinese and Japanese-speaking staffs to help the callers, and there is a plan to expand to support other ASEAN languages.

The 1111 new hotline number is an extra number to the existing 1155 Hotline Tourist Police Call Centre, which was set up to help callers for emergency cases.

Both 1111 and 1155 call centers are available 24 hours. So, it means if you have any problem at night like 2am while you are in Thailand, you have someone to help you.

The government wants to ensure that the tourists have a great time in Thailand. So if you are going to visit Thailand, just remember: 1111 for non-emergency cases and 1155 for emergency cases.

Hope this information help. Enjoy traveling Thailand.

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