The Christmas lights and Bangkok Illumination at The Em District

Last week I have shared you photo of Christmas lights at Rachaprasong. This week I am going to share you the lights at The Em District, another place in Bangkok that you can take nice light photos.

At The Em District, From 1st December 2015 to 3rd January 2016, there is an international lighting festival (Bangkok Illumination). The light can be seen at BTS Phrom Pong and Benjasiri Park.

If you are finding what to do in Bangkok in the evening, taking photos could be your choice.

TheEmDistrict01 TheEmDistrict02 TheEmDistrict03 TheEmDistrict04 TheEmDistrict05 TheEmDistrict06 TheEmDistrict07 TheEmDistrict08TheEmDistrict11TheEmDistrict09 TheEmDistrict10

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