The Erawan Museum… the giant three-headed elephant sculpture

The Erawan Museum or is called Chang Sam Sian by local is a museum that preserves the collections of antiques. The prominent point of the museum is the giant three-headed elephant sculpture which you can see from a distance and also the impressive interior design.

This museum is located at Sumutprakan province, but it is not that far from Bangkok. I went there by public bus in the afternoon as a half day trip from Bangkok. After getting off from the bus, you will immediately see the huge gate and, of course, the huge elephant sculpture.


Walking pass a little garden, you will see a ticket counter. I bought a ticket and was about to wait for the tour guide, but the officer told me that the round trip service and tour guide were not available anymore; the round trip was replaced by the audio guide. So, I picked the device from the booth and walked around by myself.


After walking pass the ticket check point, instead of entering the elephant-shaped museum, I walked around and found out that the garden around is also worth visiting.

 ErawanMuseum03 ErawanMuseum04

This building has 3 main levels. The first one is called Suvarnabhumi or basement level. This level presents collections of antiquities. Tourists are not allowed to take photos at this level.

When I entered the second level which is called Earth or ground level, I was stunned by the elaborate interior decoration.


The four main pillars represent the story of four religions: Theravada, Hinduism, Mahayana Buddhism, Christian. These four pillars act as a base for the elephant sculpture.


The stained-glass ceiling, the staircase to the next level is so elegant.

 ErawanMuseum07 ErawanMuseum08 ErawanMuseum09 ErawanMuseum10

The top level is called Cosmos. You can either take the stairs or elevator to reach this level. When you are at the Cosmos level, it means you are at the head of the elephant.


Before leaving, do not forget to walk and look around the outside area of the pinkish building.


All in all, this is an impressive place and is not difficult to get to. You can enjoy the architecture and learn the history at the same time. If you plan to visit Bangkok, you might include this museum in your itinerary.

Update: July 2014

Location: Samutprakan Province, Thailand

How to get there: For public transportation, get off from skytrain (BTS) at On Nut station. Take exit 1 and then take bus no. 25, 142, 365 or air-conditioned bus no. 102, 507, 511, 536. It would take around 40 minutes from On Nut to reach the museum depending on the traffic. In order to ensure that you get on the right bus and get off at the right bus stop, I recommend you to ask the bus driver or the conductor to call out your stop when boarding.

Entrance Fee: For Thai – Adult 200 baht, Child (aged 6-15) 100 baht. For foreigner – Adult 400 baht, Child 200 baht. The ticket price is included the audio guide device service which is available in 5 languages.

Opening Hours: Everyday from 09:00 to 20:00


Have you ever been to Erawan Museum? Do you like this museum? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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