The Little Comedian… a Thai family movie

The Little Comedian is a family comedy movie that was released in 2010. The movie stars Chawin Likitjaroenpong, Jaturong Phonboon, and Paula Taylor.

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The Little Comedian is a story of Lortock or Tock, a 12-year-old who was born in a family comedy troupe and his father wants him to be a great comedian. Unfortunately, he is not funny, and his father starts to realize this. And the situation is even worse, when his younger sister, Salmon, is a talented comedian. Tock is afraid that his father will not love him, so he tries so hard to be a great comedian. And while trying, Tock falls in love with Dr. Ice, his dermatologist. She is not just pretty, but she is the only one who laughs at his jokes. Anyway, Dr. Ice also has her own problem. And when Tock knows, he does his best to help her.

This is not the best family movie, but it is a great one. At least, it is beyond my expectation. The little boy and little girl, Tock and Salmon, are so cute. This movie made me laugh and also cry. It is an entertaining movie that you and your family can watch and enjoy together.

Here is the official trailer with English subtitle. Enjoy watching!

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