The Love of Siam… a Thai romantic drama movie

The Love of Siam is a Thai romantic drama movie that was released in 2007 and won several awards. The movie stars Sinjai Plengpanich, Songsit Roongnophakunsri, Chermarn Boonyasak, Mario Maurer, and Witwisit Hiranyawongkul.

The movie is about love and relationship in the family and between teenagers. Tong and Mew are close friends when they were young. They meet each other by chance again when they are high school students. At that time, Tong is a handsome boy who has a pretty girlfriend named Donut, but he does not pay attention to her. And, Mew is a lead singer of a boy band and is secretly loved by a girl next door named, Ying. After the reunion of Tong and Mew, they have good feelings toward each other.

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The relationship in Tong’s family is not good because of the lost of his sister. His father becomes alcoholic, and his mother is the only one who takes care of the family. Tong found out that June, the assistance manager of Mew’s band is identical to his missing sister. He and his mother finally hire June to pretend to be his sister hoping that it will help his father from alcoholism.

At first, after watching the trailer, I thought that this movie is about the relationship in the family and the typical teenager love story. But, it is not; it is more than that. This movie is a gay-themed movie, but the gay storyline is not shown in the movie trailer.

Since drama movie is not my type, this movie is too stressful for me. Well, I love how the relationship between boys gradually develops, and how Tong is confused about his feelings. Teenager needs love and understanding!

Here is the movie trailer with English subtitle. Enjoy watching!

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