The meaning of taxi colors in Bangkok

If you have been to streets in Bangkok, you might have noticed that there are many taxi colors here. You will see that some taxis have one color, while some taxis have two colors. And if you are curious about the different of taxi colors in Bangkok, here is the answer.

One color taxis such as green, pink, red, orange, blue, and so on are taxis that are owned by company and the drivers are the renters. Each company has its own color. So, the color will tell us the company of that taxi.

The two-color taxis that you will usually see on the streets are green plus yellow taxis. The taxis with these two colors are private taxis, which mean they are owned by the individual person or the driver.


Another two-color taxis that you might have seen on streets are blue plus red taxis. The blue plus red taxis are also owned by company which is not identified the name of the company, but you can see the company name painted with white color font at the side of those taxis. Nowadays the number of this taxi color is decreasing because the new taxis are usually painted the specific color.

Well, in terms of passengers, they all are the same. They all are taxis that you can hail and tell them your destination. So, if you want to go somewhere with taxi, instead of looking at the colors of the taxis, I would recommend you to look at the conditions of the taxi and choose the nice driver. And the most important choose the ones that use meter. If a driver refuses to turn on the meter and offers the flat rate price which is usually more expensive, I recommend you to just say thank you to him and then hail another one.

Hope this information helps.

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