The Meeting of Alpini in Bolzano

During the first year of my master degree in Bolzano, I had a chance to see Alpini people celebrating because that year (2012) Bolzano was a host of the 85th meeting of Alpini.

The event was held over the weekend. On Friday, I started seeing tents, camper vans, portable toilets, and of course, thousands of Alpini. I had never seen the city looked so busy like this before. At first one of my friends told me that the city would be crowded and we should plan to go somewhere else.


I did not do so because I had to prepare for the next week exam. Well, instead of studying in my room or at university’s library as usual, the sound from the music’s bands made me want to go out. My friends and I decided to walk around in the town seeing how Alpini celebrated.

On the streets in front of the houses I saw Italian flags.


My friend bought an iconic green hat from the stall in the city. I borrowed her and had a photo with a military jeep parking around.


I walked pass pubs and restaurants in town and saw Alpini everywhere like they came here to drink and remember the old times!

Near Tavelra bridge, there were activities organizing for children.


And a parade of soldiers marched pass over the bridge to the main streets and gathered at Piazza Walther.

By Monday morning, surprisingly Bolzano was back to be a quiet city as normal like nothing had happened here. I was glad that I did not leave the town as my friend recommended. Almost a year that I lived in Bolzano, that weekend was the most fun weekend ever in Bolzano.

Have you ever been to Bolzano? Have you ever join the meeting of Alpini in any cities in Italy? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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