The Old Siam Plaza… it is a great place for Thai desserts

The old Siam Plaza is a shopping mall that is not big and modern like the other shopping malls along the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok, but it is one of the best shopping places for local.

At shopping mall there are not so many tourists. When I was there, I was very surprised when seeing two foreigners. I was surprised that they knew the place and decided to visit it.


The Old Siam Plaza has only 4 storeys with 2 main atriums. The first floor is the most crowded area.

On the first floor, there are several jewelry shops on one side and gun shops on the other side. (I cannot believe that these two things can be sold in the same place!).


The first atrium sells miscellaneous goods such as clothes, accessories, shoes, bed sheets, and so on.


Another atrium is more interesting for me and many local. I call it ‘A desert atrium’. This square is full with stalls selling Thai traditional desserts. This is the photo of a desert atrium from the second floor.


You will find many Thai desserts that are difficult to find on streets. I admit that many of them I have not had a chance to eat for years. Some stalls show you how to make the desserts.

TheOldSiam05 TheOldSiam06TheOldSiam09


My favorite desserts are Kai Nok Krata Kanom Krok. It is so good to add Golden Mountain sauce and Thai pepper powder before eating.


Many people buy the desserts back home, but some people choose to eat there. There are benches available, but no table. And this is how people eat the dessert here.


On the second and third floors, most shops sell beautiful Thai dresses for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies.


If you are interested in Thai desserts, this is a must place to visit in Bangkok. You can include this place in your itinerary on the day that you plan to visit Chinatown or Phahurat market.

Update: March, 2015

Location: At Phahurat Intersection. The mall is surrounded by 4 roads: Phahurat Road, Tripetch Road, Burapha Road, and Charoen Krung Road, near Sala Chaloem Krung Theatre.

How to go there: there are many bus numbers passing the mall, but I do not recommend you to take bus if you do not familiar with Bangkok. For me, the easier option for tourists is to take Chao Phraya Express Boat and get off at Memorial Bridge Pier. Then, walk for 15 minutes or take taxi.

Opening Hours: Everyday from 9.00 to 21.00

Have you ever been to The Old Siam Plaza? Do you like it? Share you thought with me in the comment!


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