The order… a Thai romantic short film

The Order is the third short film from MonoMusic, the company that produced The Library and Present Perfect. I became a fan of the movie from this company since I have watched those two beautiful movies.

The Order is the love story of a woman named May who is really interested in home and works for a home magazine company, and a man named Ake who works as a photographer in the company.


This movie is a commercial movie intending to promote Kasikorn Bank, a bank company that provides home loans, so do not be surprised if you see many scenes shooting in the bank. And, the full movie has not ended yet. They invite people to be a part of their love’s conclusion. Actually, it is not a love conclusion, but it is helping them choosing a house that suits them.

Both the official movie trailer and its full short film are available in Youtube with English subtitle.

The official movie trailer

The full-movie

This short film has 3 ending stories. Unfortunately, I cannot find them with English subtitle. If you want to watch them, here are the links.

Ending 1

Ending 2

Ending 3

For me, this movie is not as good as the first two movies from MonoMusic. It looks too commercial. Anyway, if you like The Libray or Present Perfect, you might like The Order too. Enjoy watching!

Have you ever watched The Order? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment! 

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