The Thai advertisement for Teachers’ Day… It is so touching

Today (January 16) is a Teachers’ Day in Thailand. It is the day that the celebrations are held in school and students will show respect to their teachers. As you may know, in Thailand, not so many people want to be a teacher because the teacher salaries are not good especially comparing to other occupations such as doctor, dentist, or engineer. To be precise, there are some people around me who want to be a teacher, but they decided to do other things instead due to the low income.


Last night while watching television, I saw a very good advertisement from 7ElevenThailand which made my tear drop; it is so touching. The advertisement is named “The Everlasting Teacher”. Actually, it is more like a short film because it lasts about 10 minutes. It is based on the true story of a teacher who was a giver when he was alive and also when he was dead. I then searched this advertisement on YouTube and found out that there is no English subtitle, but I think you can guess the whole story without knowing Thai.

Watch the video below and I am sure you will love your teacher more!

See more Thai advertisement here.

When is the teachers’ day in your country? Do you have the advertisements about teacher in your country? How are they? Share them with me in the comment!


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