The three places to visit in Bangkok when the weather is hot

Bangkok is hot all the time and it is very hot now, in summer. There are many times I want to go outside, but I also do not want to go because of the weather. During summer especially April, I would say air condition is a must in Bangkok.  Most of people living here choose to go to the shopping malls because they need to be in the air conditioned building. If you are bored with the shopping places, here are some recommended places to go when the weather is hot!

TCDC – TCDC or Thailand Creative & Design Center is a learning center that is located in The Emporium shopping mall (and it has another in Chiang Mai too), so it is of course in the air conditioned room. The exhibitions are changed regularly. Some exhibitions are free, while some of them are not free. You can read my review about this place here.


BACC – BACC or Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is an art gallery building that is located at Pathumwan Intersection, near many shopping malls. It is a great place to escape from the heat. Same as TCDC, the exhibitions are changed regularly. You can read my review about this place here.


Museum of Siam – Museum of Siam is a great place to learn history of Thailand, how Thai in the past was, how Thai changed over time, and how the ‘real Thainess’ is through interactive games. You can read my review about this place here.


Have you ever been to these three places? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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