These videos made me proud of my hometown

Last night I stumbled upon a video that made me smile, laugh, and also proud of my hometown, Thailand. It is a video from ‘JovoBKK’s channel’ on Youtube.

Jovo loves Thai language and also Thai song. I was surprised that he knew the song named ‘Mon-Sai-Yok’ because this song is quite old. In the video, Jovo traveled to the place in the song, Sai Yok. It is a name of a district, a waterfall and also national park in Kanchanaburi Province. He traveled to the place in the song and asked people to sing the song and share experience with him.


For me, as a Thai, this video is awesome, and made me want to travel to Kanchanaburi, even if I have been there several times.

Then, I found 2 more videos from him. These two videos are similar to the first one. People sang Thai songs, but in different songs and different places.

All videos were posted 3 years ago and unfortunately it seems like he did not make more videos anymore.  If you do not know where to visit in Thailand, these three videos could give you some ideas. This is much better than any other videos that were made to promote Thailand that I have watched before!

Have you ever watched these videos? Do you like them? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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