This Thai advertisement makes me want to buy a car

In the past, the advertisements on TV in Thailand are boring for me. When I watched TV, I always did something else during advertisement time. I did not pay attention to them even a bit. But nowadays Thai advertisements surprise me more and more. Some advertisements stopped me from doing other things and watched them until the end. And, this is one of them. I was not sure I first saw this advertisement whether on TV or on Youtube.


This advertisement is named “Soulmate”. It is from Krungsri Auto, a company providing hire purchase financing for cars in Thailand. This advertisement tells us that a car can change life’s journey. They relate the car with the soul mate. How creative they are! I like this emotional commercial!! After watching this advertisement, you might want to buy a car immediately!!!

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Have you ever seen this Thai advertisement before? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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