Three hours around Vientiane

My colleague and I arrived Vientiane, a capital of Laos, around noon. We headed to our serviced apartment and left our stuffs. We wanted to see points of interest before the sun set. Since we don’t know the way and we want to go to many places within limited time, we rent a car.

We asked someone at our apartment to call a taxi driver. We had to negotiate the fare by ourselves and we agreed at 200,000 KIP. The driver dropped us at four attractive places.

Wat Si Muang

The first place that we visited was Wat Si Muang, a Buddhist temple. This temple was one of the most popular sites of worship in Vientiane.


In front of the temple, there were two big giants.


In the temple, I saw the stalls selling candles, flowers, garlands, and rice offerings. My colleague and I bought rice offerings.

Vientiane03 Vientiane04

Ubosot and statue were very similar to a temple in Thailand.


Inside the ubosot, we paid respect to the Buddha and Si Muang, a young woman who sacrificed herself to the spirits by throwing herself into a hole in the ground.

Vientiane07 Vientiane06

We ‘Sieng Seam See’, one of the fortune-telling without a teller. I got number one. Even if Thai and Laos languages are very similar and I could understand what Laos people say, I cannot read the Seam See’s result. Well, someone over there told me that this one was good, so I kept it. For Thai, if the result is good, we bring it back. If it is not good, we leave it there.


Before leaving the temple, we saw a coffee stall. Since we were very thirsty, we bought two cups of tea. The drinking menu was very similar to a coffee stall in Thailand. It was more expensive than in Thailand. Well, the size of the cup was bigger too.


We ordered iced lemon tea and this is what we got.



Then, we went to Patuxai or Victory Gate. We were amazed with its architecture. I heard that it resembled the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Well, I have never been to Paris. Have you been to Paris? What do you think?

I loved the decoration inside and I thought the detail like this was a Laos style. We did not spend much time at Patuxai and we did not go up to the second floor.

Vientiane11 Vientiane12

Pha That Luang

Pha That Luang was the place that I wanted to go the most when searching for what to see in Vientiane. The driver dropped us at the gate which was quite far from Pha That Luang. The sunshine was very strong. We kept walking to Pha That.

Vientiane13 Vientiane14

We had to pay 5,000 KIP for an entrance fee.


Pha That Luang looked more beautiful when we got closer. 


At first I thought I could go inside Pha That Luang, but it was not. We walked around Pha That Luang.


Then, we wandered around the temple.Vientiane18 Vientiane19 Vientiane20Vientiane21 Vientiane22

Wat Si Saket

The last place that we have visited was Wat Si Saket. Same as Pha That Luang, we had to pay 5,000 KIP for an entrance fee.


Vientiane25  Vientiane24

This Buddhist temple houses thousands of tiny Buddha images.

Vientiane26 Vientiane27

Actually I planned to go to Haw Phra Kaew, a temple which is located opposite to Wat Si Saket. Unfortunately it is now under renovation.

Have you ever been to Vientiane? Have you ever been to these places? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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