Tips for taking an overnight bus in Thailand

I have taken an overnight bus, but not so often. Once was from Bangkok to Chiangkan, and twice from Bangkok to southern Thailand. The good things of travel at night are save money and save time; you will save a hotel cost for a night and you can sleep while travelling.

Honestly, nowadays if I want to go to the places that take at least 6 hours on the bus, I tend to choose a flight which is faster and more comfortable. Moreover, currently to travel in Thailand, the bus ticket prices and the flight ticket prices are not much different. Sometimes, the flight ticket prices are even cheaper.

Anyway, if you are new to Thailand and you are going to take a night bus to somewhere in Thailand, I have some tips for you to stay safe while taking an overnight bus. From my experience, I have never had bad experience such as robbery on the bus. But many tourists had! Sigh!!


Here are the tips

– Beware of your valuable belongings

It is ok to put your bags in the trunk in the bus, but do not put your valuable belongings there. My recommendation is to bring a carry-on bag, keep your valuable belongings in the bag, and keep the bag with you ALL THE TIME. Also, do not put the bag on overhead rack on the bus; it is not safe. Someone can steal it while you are sleeping.

– Bring a jacket or blanket

Even if Thailand is warm (or too warm) throughout the year, on the night bus it is always cold. Some buses give you a blanket which is usually clean, while some buses do not. So, it is recommended to bring a jacket or blanket with you.

– Go to toilet before getting on the bus

Some buses do not have a toilet on the bus, while some buses have. Anyway, from my experience, the toilet on the bus is not that clean. I always avoid using it. So, I recommend you to go to the toilet before getting on the bus and do not drink too much water.

– Remember your bus

It seems like the bus companies know that no one want to use toilet on the bus. The buses usually stop for 10-20 minutes every 2-3 hours at gas stations or some places that generally have toilets. There will be many buses stopping, so you have to remember your bus. Do not remember the location of the bus; the bus might move. The best way is to remember its license plate, so you will not get on the wrong bus.

Hope this information helps

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