Tourist Attraction near Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport is the Bangkok’ s main airport which is not located in Bangkok. Instead, it is located in Samutprakarn Province. This airport is the main hub for many airlines. If you happen to have a layover on the way to your destination here and want to know the tourist attractions near Suvarnabhumi Airport, this post is for you. Choose the ones that suit your preferences.

Mega Bangna + IKEA (25 km)

Mega Bangna is a big shopping mall with more than 800 shops, digital cinemas, bowling lanes, and an ice skate rink. It is a great shopping place in this area. Inside the mall, there are well-known brand stores such as BigC Extra, HomePro, Robinson, and so on. And the most popular one is IKEA, a home furniture store that was founded in Sweden. You can read my review of Mega Bangna here and IKEA here.

Central Bangna (24 km)

Central Bangna is also a shopping mall in Bang Na District. The mall has several stores with the aim to be lifestyle centers for everyone. For me, the mall is similar to many other malls in Bangkok. The special thing is the waterpark with the theme of Pororo the Little Penguin.

The Erawan Museum (33 km)

The Erawan Museum is a museum that preserves the collections of antiques. The symbol of this museum is the giant three-headed elephant sculpture which can be seen from a distance. I do love the elaborate interior decoration here. You can read my review of The Erawan Museum here

Ancient City (35 km)

Ancient City, Ancient Siam, or Mueang Boran is a museum park covering over 200 acres in the shape of Thailand and featuring structures of Thailand’s famous attractions with the correct places geographically.

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