Tourist Attraction near Victory Monument

Victory Monument is one of the busiest transportation hubs in Bangkok. Unsurprisingly, the area is crowded all the time. This area might not be popular among tourists, but it is one of the best meeting places for many locals especially students and workers; they like shopping and eating there. Below is the list of tourist attraction near Victory Monument.

Shopping places

Victory Monument is one of the best shopping areas in Bangkok. Around the roundabout, there are malls such as Victory Mall and Center One, and many street stalls selling trendy clothes, handbags, shoes, and accessories. You can read my review of shopping places around Victory Monument here.

Phya Thai Palace

Phya Thai Palace is about 10-15 minutes from Victory Monument. This palace is not a must-visit place for tourist, but if you have time and you are a palace lover, you might consider visiting this place. I love the fresco paintings on the wall and the ceiling. You can read my review of Phya Thai Palace here

Santiphap Park

Santiphap Park is a public park located near Victory Monument (about 10-minute walk from the roundabout). It is a peaceful place in the middle of the noisy area. You can read my review of Santi Phap Park here.

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