Trimurti Shrine… the lover shrine

Trimurti Shrine is known by the local that the lover shrine. People pray in the hope for true love.


Same as Erawan Shrine, nowadays I saw more and more tourists visiting Trimurti Shrine. The mantra was written in Thai. And I saw the tourists came with a piece of paper in their hands which I was sure it would be the mantra in their languages.


We believe that the best time to pray is Thursday 9.30, or Thursday, 21.30. I have never visited the shrine during that time, but I have heard that it usually is very crowded.

Here is the list of ‘red’ things that you have to prepare in order to pray: Nine red roses, nine red joss sticks, 1 red candle for single or two red candles for couple, and fruit. The joss sticks and candles are available for free at the area around, so what you need to bring here is roses and fruit. Well, I do recommend you to put some amount of money into the box in order to maintain the shrine.


And when the prayers answered, you should come back with sweet such as coconut, fresh milk (no meat dish) in order to show your gratitude.

Next to the Trimurti Shrine is Ganesha Shrine and diagonally opposite is Erawan Shrine. I usually pray the other two shrines when I come here.

Update: December, 2014

Location/ How to get there: in front of CentralWorld shopping mall. You can go there by BTS (getting off at Chidlom Station and walk to the mall).

Admission fee: Free

Opening Hours: Everyday, 24 hours

Have you ever been to Trimurti Shrine? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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