Try Fresh Coconut Juice when visiting Bangkok

As you may know, Thai food is delicious. Many people coming to Bangkok, Thailand enjoy the food here. Eating Thai food is usually added into a tourist’s to-do-list. I would like to tell you that do not forget to drink fresh coconut juice here too.

Why Coconut Juice?

I recommend coconut juice because it has many healthy benefits, and it is very fresh, cheap, and easy to find in Bangkok.


How fresh the coconut juice in Bangkok is?

It is 100% fresh coconut juice. To keep the coconut fresh, usually the coconut is never opened until you order. When you order it, the street vendors will use a butcher’s knife to chop the top of the coconut shell and then they give you a straw. So, you can drink the coconut water from the nut. Anyway, they usually not give you a spoon which is needed for eating the flesh. So, you might prepare a spoon for yourself.

However, be careful for the sweetened one which usually comes in the form of a plastic bottle of coconut water.

Besides, you can find stalls selling coconut smoothies, and coconut milk shakes all over Bangkok. Some stalls sell fruit smoothies, while others sell only coconut smoothies.

Where you can find fresh coconut Juice in Bangkok

You can find fresh coconut juice very easy on streets and markets in Bangkok such as floating markets, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Sukhumvit Soi38 Street Food. Coconut juice also is served in restaurants in hotels and shopping malls, and as expected, it is more expensive than the ones on street.

When visiting Bangkok, trying coconut juice from the shell is a must!

Have you ever tried coconut juice in Bangkok? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!


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