Try Travelling Solo

Travel solo was always one of the things that I wanted to do once in my life. And I did it several times while studying abroad. While studying in Europe, besides traveling as much as I can, I also tried travelling solo.

At first, I feared. I feared that I would get lost. I feared that people would not speak English (in Europe many people speak only local languages.). I feared that I would miss the train. I feared that I would be lonely. I feared so many things.

Even I said that, I still wanted to travel solo. Even if I was fearful, I still wanted to travel alone. My first solo trip happened during my first summer in Europe. The excitement overwhelmed me since I started planning the trip. I traveled alone for 7 days in Italy. And yes, what I feared happened. I got lost. People around spoke no English. I felt lonely. Well, I did not miss the train, but I faced the train strike. And the worst thing was I lost my wallet.


My first solo trip was not smooth as silk, but I learned and gained a lot from the trip. I enjoyed a place on my own without distractions from others. I appreciated little things around. I got to know myself more. I gained self confidence. I gained independence. And I learned to deal with problems happening on the road.

Soon, my second, third, and fourth solo trip happened and it is still counting. I learned that I love traveling solo.

I learned a lot from my solo trips, but I think traveling solo is not for everyone. And, you would never know whether it is for you, if you do not give it a try. So, I think everyone should try travel solo at least once.

Have you ever traveled solo? How was it? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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