TWINSTERS… the documetary that I am waiting for

I’m not a fan of the documentary, but I now am waiting for the documentary named Twinsters, which is coming out in 2015.

Twinsters is a story about Samantha and Anaïs who were adopt and raised in different continents. Samantha is an American living in Los Angeles, while Anaïs is a French living in London.

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It began when Anaïs’s friend saw Samantha on a video on Youtube, not just once but twice. He thought Samantha looked VERY similar to Anaïs. After the second time, Anaïs checked Samantha’s info, and found out that they were born on the same date. Anaïs decided to contact Samantha through Facebook social media. Then, they talked through Skype; they shared their photos when they were young. Finally, they met in person. They believe that they are twin sisters who were separated at birth, and the DNA test confirmed that they are indeed twin. They decided to document their story and share with the world.

Here is a trailer.

For me, it is really an exciting, amazing, and touching story. I am very glad that they found each other. Luckily, they both have never done any plastic surgery before! And, now it is 2015. Can’t wait to see this documentary!

Have you ever heard the story of these two girls? How do you feel about it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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