Vatican City… I climbed up St Peter’s Basilica’s dome

Vatican City is surrounded entirely by Rome, a capital city of Italy. It is a smallest country in the world. From Wikipedia, the population of Vatican City is less than 1000!

While I planned to visit Rome, definitely Vatican City was included in my itinerary. I had seen St. Peter’s Basilica from movies; I wanted to see it in the flesh once. I walked from Rome to Vatican. I realized that I was not in Italy anymore, when I first saw St. Peter’s Basilica and the square.Vatican01Vatican02

To get inside, you need to dress properly. I am not sure if they have the strict dress code. I was there in summer (it was around 36 Celsius degrees) and short pants were allowed to go inside. But what if it was not that hot?

Inside the basilica, I was stunned by the interior of St. Peter’s Basilica. Vatican03 Vatican04

I decided to go to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica. I paid 5 Euros in order to climb up for 551 steps. If I am not wrong, at that time two ticket prices were available: 5 Euros for stairs and 7 Euros for elevator. If you pay 7 Euros, it does not mean the elevator will take you to the top; it only saves you 320 steps and then you still have to climb up.


After first 320 steps, I stopped and looked around enjoying the mosaics (If you like mosaics, I do recommend you to visit Ravenna). From there, I could look down on the altar and people downstairs.

 Vatican07 Vatican06

Then I continued climbing up. At first, I thought I was climbing just another tower, but actually it was not a tower. I realized that I was climbing up the dome, when the stairs got narrower and narrower. And finally, there was no handrail and I have to hold the rope!


Anyway, the views there were worth the stairs. You can see St. Peter’s square, Vatican museum, and the gardens from the top.

 Vatican09 Vatican10

On the way down, I walked to the front to have a close look at the statues and also looked back to see where I was. Restrooms and shops were available there.

 Vatican11 Vatican12

All in all, it was a great experience. I had never climbed the dome before. If you are not claustrophobic, I recommend you to go up there.

Have you ever been to Vatican City? Have you climbed up St. Peter’s Basilica?  Share your experience with me in the comments!


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