Venice…I forgot to make a wish

Living in Italy for 11 months, Venice (or Venezia in Italian) is one of the cities that I visited twice. First time is October 2011 and second time is July 2012. Like other tourists, before I went there, I had watched several movies and read many novels set in Venice. Venice at first sight, after getting of the train, for me, did not look so romantic like in the movies, but it was so unique and breathtaking.


As you may know, Venice is called the “City of Canals” or the “City of Bridges”. The bridges and canals that crisscross each other made me confuse at the beginning. I got lost in Venice for a while. Then, I realized that going to San Macro piazza (The famous square) or Rialto Bridge (The famous bridge) was very easy. Just simply follow the yellow sign on the wall.

Venice02 Venice03 Venice04

During fall, it was very crowded (October 2011), and it was even more crowded during summer (July 2012). The most tourist area was on the main island. I called it fish island (look at the map; you will know why I call it like that).


However, I like the islands around named Burano and Murano more. Murano is famous for glass making. This island was quieter than the fish island. Burano is my favorite island among the islands of Venice’s lagoon. I fell in love with many cute colorful painted houses on this island.

The first time that I visited Venice, I spent two days there. And the second time that I visited the city, I made it as a day trip. To wander around in the main island, only a day is enough. But to go to the islands around, you need more than a day; and I recommend you to do so! As a student, I felt like the accommodations on the main island or fish island were so expensive. So, as my friend recommended, I stayed at the hostel on the mainland and took a train to the fish island. It did not take much time and the train ticket was less than 2 Euro. If you are fine with the price of the accommodation on the fish island, it is great. But if you are a budget traveler, you can do so!


Actually what inspired me to go to Venice was one Thai romantic novel named Sa Pan Athithan (สะพานอธิษฐาน in Thai). The novel’s story is about one Thai girl who fell in love with charming American-Italian guy who lived in the same house with her when she studied in Florence. But, the highlight scene was in Venice where the Thai girl made a wish on a bridge for the American-Italian guy to love her. From the story, it took 5 years before her wish came true.

Well, even if it takes quite long, this novel makes me want to do the same!!!

Anyway, when I was there, I walked around the islands, took many photos, and enjoyed the scenery. But, I forgot to make a wish!!!

Now I’m 5000 miles away from Venice. Should I go there again to make a wish?

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